Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pico Error!

*ksssh* *bzzzt* ... Pico... *kssh* ...friends, this is Ja-- *bzzzzt* --mes... *DERP* ...if anyone else is receiving this transmission, please respond! *ERROR*!...



Hmm... I hate that error!

What error? That on says...


I'd like to sing...


Q: Why would I like to sing like that???
A: Just because as "Picostyle associate blogger" a.k.a. PINKERTON :

This is the end. The Pico Apocalypse (Apicolypse, as I like to call it) is upon us. We all know that Pico's servers have been a bit wonky lately, but today has proven that they definitely need to start fixing things. For the past few hours, if you've attempted to sign in, this lovely message has been there to greet you:

( As what I said earlier... )

Every time I see it, I'm overcome with many different emotions.


Since CyberAgent launced Christmas theme, and also maintenances, a BU-U-U-U-U-U-NCH of errors and bugs have denominated (that's what i call it) PICO... the happy PICO life.

And since it was down... like Jay Sean said in his song, I made this post even its like running now.

My experience: I couldn't connect an hour ago. I tried to its Facebook Independentsite and happily it worked but with a few glitches. Glitches are like NEW EVENTS and HOT EVENTS are interchanged so I, looking for events, LOST with wondering... why this people in hot events though they only have 1 visitor. Next, I have a HUNDRED of foods got and saved but they're gone. Even my goods and pet foods are also gone. Happily, my tokens, gold, and precious sparkling gummies aren't gone with them. BUT I NEED THOSE! Just to get gummies though. Next, it is laggy. More likely to hang up in my PC and my PC would be surely frozen. I try to refresh it and it don't work.

Alright, I have yet another update on this problem. Thanks to Steve194, I've come across a temporary fix for what's going on. When one of your buddies log on, quickly click on the popup at the bottom right of the screen in order to bring up your buddy list. From there you can follow whoever is on, and after that you should be able to travel to other areas as well. There's still no solution to unlock your room, though. You might not be able see it, but I am frowning so hard right now. If you couldn't understand that explanation,

Hope so CyberAgent shall fix this or else their players would do themselves a trick that will help them in their PICO life.

~ New Associate Blogger, ღ Ĵαмɛƨヅ ღº

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just for fun..

Have you ever come across a Pico, that decided to make their languages spell a word or phrase? Sort of like this:

Perhaps, it's not the most sparkling example, but at this bewitching hour it's hard to find other critters with a profile set up like this. Other examples I've seen are "Hahaha", "Kukuku", "Hehehe", and so on. So, I decided I'd hop on the bandwagon, and I came up with this:

I had to.

So, for those of you who also want to do something like this, I've compiled an alphabetical list of the language codes so you can have fun with it. But please be warned that you may run into someone who thinks you speak the languages you post in your profile! And don't use obscenities guys, even though I posted such an example. Be mindful that there are young kids on Pico too!

The List:

AA - Afar
AB - Abkhazian
AF - Afrikaans
AM - Amharic
AR - Arabic
AS - Assamese
AY - Aymara
AZ - Azerbaijani
BA - Bashkir
BE - Byelorussian
BG - Bulgarian
BH - Bihari
BI - Bislama
BN - Bengali
BO - Tibetan
BR - Breton
CA - Catalan
CO - Corsican
CS - Czech
CY - Welsh
DA - Danish
DE - German
DZ - Bhutani
EL - Greek
EN - English
EO - Esperanto
ES - Spanish
ET - Estonian
EU - Basque
FA - Farsi
FI - Finnish
FJ - Fiji
FO - Faeroese
FR - French
FY - Frisian
GA - Irish
GD - Gaelic [Scottish]
GL - Galician
GN - Guarani
GU - Gujarati
GV - Gaelic [Manx]
HA - Hausa
HE - Hebrew
HI - Hindi
HR - Croatian
HU - Hungarian
HY - Armenian
IA - Interlingua
ID - Indonesian
IE - Interlingue
IK - Inupiak
IS - Icelandic
IT - Italian
IU - Inuktitut
JA - Japanese
JV - Javanese
KA - Georgian
KK - Kazakh
KL - Greenlandic
KM - Cambodian
KN - Kannada
KO - Korean
KS - Kashmiri
KU - Kurdish
KY - Kirghiz
LA - Latin
LI - Limburgish
LN - Lingala
LO - Laotian
LT - Lithuanian
LV - Latvian
MG - Malagasy
MI - Maori
MK - Macedonian
ML - Malayalam
MN - Mongolian
MO - Moldavian
MR - Marathi
MS - Malay
MT - Maltese
MY - Burmese
NA - Nauru
NE - Nepali
NL - Dutch
NO - Norwegian
OC - Occitan
OM - Oromo
OR - Oriya
PA - Punjabi
PL - Polish
PS - Pashto
PT - Portuguese
QU - Quechua
RM - Rhaeto-Romance
RN - Kirundi
RO - Romanian
RU - Russian
RW - Kinyarwanda
SA - Sanskrit
SD - Sindhi
SG - Sangro
SH - Serbo-Croatian
SI - Sinhalese
SK - Slovak
SL - Slovenian
SM - Samoan
SN - Shona
SO - Somali
SQ - Albanian
SR - Serbia
SS - Siswati
ST - Sesotho
SU - Sundanese
SV - Swedish
SW - Swahili
TA - Tamil
TE - Telugu
TG - Tajik
TH - Thai
TI - Tigrinya
TK - Turkmen
TL - Tagalog
TN - Setswana
TO - Tonga
TR - Turkish
TS - Tsonga
TT - Tatar
TW - Twi
UG - Uighur
UK - Ukrainian
UR - Urdu
UZ - Uzbek
VI - Vietnamese
VO - Volapuk
WO - Wolof
XH - Xhosa
YI - Yiddish
YO - Yoruba
ZH - Chinese
ZU - Zulu



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Football Season!

Recently Pico released some new football related items, along with a few actions as well. I'd be lying if I said I was thrilled, since I've never been much of a football or cheer leading loving gal, myself. But, I just had to look. So I headed to the now-crowded gym to see Coach McCallister, and I was pleasantly surprised to see some clothes I actually liked. That's right, even the cuteness of the cheer leading outfits wasn't lost on me.

So.. I caved and bought an outfit. (As my closet screamed in agony) And headed to the new football field to cheer for some.. well, non-existent football players. Okay, so there was one.

Ladies sure do love football players, eh?

And then, I got my cheer on with a few other cheerleaders and fans.

Goooooo pink teammmm!

Then I met a little cutie named *~*Rilee*~*, who was anxious to show me her many cheer outfits and cool moves! She has all of them! (I'm so jealous!) Rilee was very sweet, and stood on the sidelines and cheered with me, until she was called away to cheer with the blue team's cheerleaders.

Dare I say, I may just become a football fan, on Pico at least. Well, I'm headed to the football field to cheer some more. See ya' there!



Monday, November 1, 2010

The Frugal Fashionista: November

Hey there guys and gals! Frugal Fashionista here! I'm here to bring you a new column showcasing a new gummie-only outfit each month! That way us fashionistas don't have to break the bank, while staying frugal and fabulous!

Here's how we can start out our fresh new fall look!

1. Pick out a cute knit hat, like the ones above. These hats, and the rest of the items in this month's showcase can be purchased from the purple machine in the beginner's plaza!


2. Now that you've selected your hat, it's time to start building our outfit!

True to frugality, let's look at some of the shirts we already have...


3. Pick whichever you think goes best with your cute new hat!

Time for some bottoms!

But that's not quite warm enough for fall, don't you think? Let's add some pants too.


4. Hmmm.. it's still kind of chilly..


5. Back to the closet for some shoes!


6. Time to accessorize!


Now you're all ready for the fall season! Work it out fashionista! Buh bye!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now accepting links!

Our links section has been pretty bare, and it needs a little TLC...

So, if you'd like to be posted in our links section, or become a Picoholics affiliate, please leave a message on this blog entry with your link and information. Thanks!

*Please note that only Pico-related links will be accepted.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fashion Files: Halloween Edition!

Looking for inspiration in your Pico fashions? Have a mental block when it comes to looking fabulous? Want to make your Halloween attire spooktacular?! That's why, I, Milk, have made it my duty to scour the many rooms of Pico to find the most fabulous of fabulously dressed Picos!

This week's theme: Halloween!

1. venus☺BaBy

Not only does this adorable Pico own a beautiful house, but a beautiful wardrobe as well! This cute little pumpkin knows how to put together an ensemble to dazzle and amaze, with her devilish wings with neon pink skeleton suit! It looks like we have another one who fell under the new colorful wigs' spell, eh? Love it.

2. ☆Mint☆ & ☆G- DRAGON☆

Aside from obviously loving the Korean singer from Big Bang (G-Dragon), these two have style! I love the nerd chic vibe with their genius glasses and rocker tees! And Mint's blend of the purple and black devil wings with a cute bow and teddy make her Pico cuddly-scary-cute, a perfect trait for Halloween, or even all year! These are definitely two fabulous Picos!

3. 貝斯手dollyskull

Meet dolly skull, the brightly colored skele-girl! While there is a chance that I'm still madly obsessed with the new colored wigs, I'm still convinced that with this lovely lady's vivid array of colors, she's every little Pico's Halloween dream. Take that, Katy Perry!


Meet Ubin and Mocha! Not only do these two little devilish Picos have love for each other, but love for a fashionable wardrobe as well! It's easy to tell by looking at these two, that they're ready to ROCK for this halloween! Play me a sweet tune in that cute house of yours sometime!

5. Høpe

It's a bird! It's a plane! Wait, no.. I mean, it's a bat! It's a bunny! It's a cat? Hey-- wait a minute! That's just Høpe, I'm not quite sure what he is to be honest, or a least how to express it in the english language. Perhaps we'll just call this fellow a cuddly chimera of cuteness! Either way, don't let the pouty expression, starry pants, and fluffy ears fool you! With wings like that, he may just take a chomp when you're not looking! Eeek!

6. 紫Shiki

Now, I've never liked to play matchmaker, but dare I say, I may have found the perfect man for dollyskull! While he's a little less colorful than his possible Pico lady love, this Pico knows how to rock that neon skeleton suit, and blue bow tie! Missing an eyeball has never been more fabulous!

7. Scarlett?

Unfortunately, this little Pico got away from me before I could take down her actual Pico name, but I just couldn't go without posting her! Oh, spooktacular, quickly-disappearing Scarlett, won't you come back into my life and teach me your fashion secrets?

8. ツSammi™

Maybe it's those googly eyes, or the bat wings protruding from her head, but this witch had me at hello. Alright, maybe not hello, since we didn't exactly exchange those, but I love Sammi's fresh-out-of-Hogwarts-witchy getup! Spooky!

9. ★ⓝaⓣaⓛiⓔpⓘnⓚu★

Sweet-faced Natalie Pinku's outfit is certainly nothing to jest about! This little lass has style! I'm pretty sure this pink haired lovely could definitely take on the big bad wolf! Don't mess with her grandma, or prepare to be pitchforked! You go girl!

10. Loco☆motion/BK

Amongst my Pico picture stalking-- er, fashion hunting, I ran into this little cutie twice. The first time she escaped me! But much to my joy, and surprise I ran into her again in the Beginner's Plaza. From the moment I laid eyes on her sparkling green irises, I knew she had to be featured! With her two-tone hair, cute pumpkin tee and pumpkin wand, this is definitely a ninja worthy of the fashion police team, not to be mistaken with victim! Did I mention she has mad hula dance skills? C'mon, c'mon do the locomotion with me!

Well ladies and gents! That wraps up this week's Fashion Files! Let me know what you think! Until next time!



My scalp feels so lonely..

I'm convinced that Pico is conspiring against me with all of these lovely new wigs that have been released, and of course it's when the dreaded survey snatching monster's been in town! I mean really, why only three surveys Ameba-san, and only for 160, 120, and 104 gold? By the time you don't qualify for one or two, you'll have to beg on the streets just to buy one of these new fab wigs!

Look, Bert, we gotta find this guy! I've got to snag one of those wigs!
Gosh darnit!

I guess there's always option two..

Please? I'll sweep up ya' dirt real nice!
Spare some change?

I've been lusting over these brightly colored mops for the past few days, and well, Milk (why on Earth have I been reduced to typing in third person?) is not a very patient person. So I went on my merry way hunting said monster, by looking for ways to smite him in the "free" section of the "earn ameba gold" area. I figure the old, stick-it-to-the-man technique would work best.

Survey Monster Training Facility - Jokamachi Headquarters
Take that you big jerk!

When finally, after sifting through the possibly-filled-with-spyware toolbars and numerous offers to get a new quote on my car insurance, or apply for a new credit card, I found a few decent surveys and email subscription offers!

Why yes, yes it is.
Could it be?

Now, you might ask, "Why Milk, why not just buy gold like the rest of us savvy shoppers?", well the answer is rather simple my dear readers, or reader. Milk, is stingy. It may do your body good, and provide you with strong teeth, hair, nails, and lead you with the irresistible urge to spout "Got Milk?" as often as you can, but it's often stingy when it comes to spending money. Oh Milk, impatient, and stingy? Calcium can't buy you out of that one! I know, I know. Poor habits, BUT, I did end up getting my wig!


It's green and lovely don't you think? I've got to say I did have my eye more so on that blue one, but it didn't match any of my clothes, and I wanted something a little different. Maybe I'll make a pico fashion column just for you guys. It would give my overstuffed pico-closet more of a purpose, as opposed to making me sad the more I watch it fill up. Who knew 300 pieces of clothing would be so easy to come by? Aiyaiyai!

30 more 'til my doom!
270/300 clothes! Wahhhh!

In other news, I finally succumbed to the lucrative world of plastic surgery. What do you think?

I'm not surprised, my face is stuck like that.

Too much botox?

Have a nutritious pico life!